Why Our Colleges?

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Our colleges have evolved in accordance with growing student demand for quality post-secondary education programming. We have responded to the growing demand by enhancing our institutional capacity and related program offerings to include three separate designated colleges: Vancouver Premier College of Arts and Science; Vancouver Premier College of Business and Management; and, Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management which offer innovative post-secondary education programming in arts and science, business and management and hospitality and hotel management.

Global Rise in
Post-Secondary Education Demand

According to the National Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, the number of individuals with post-secondary education on a global basis will rise from 841.7 Million in 2020 to 1.9 Billion in 2050. New data published by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada confirms an annual increase in international students choosing Canada for their post-secondary programming of between 15-20% since 2016. The primary reasons sited for the increase in international student interest include the perceived quality of Canadian post-secondary education programs as well as the relative safety of Canadian cities and tolerance of the Canadian population. In British Columbia, international student enrolment has nearly tripled in the last decade, with the largest growth occurring in colleges and institutes. According to the Student Transitions Project (STP), the vast majority of undergraduate international students enrol in three program areas: Arts and Sciences; Business and Management; and, Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Accelerated Delivery
of Diploma Programs

Each of our separately established designated institutions offer a variety of diploma and certificate programs on an accelerated basis in a range of art and science, business and management, and hotel and hospitality management disciplines.  Courses are delivered in 5-week cycles with three cycles being equivalent to one semester. Our Colleges offer diplomas on both a 3 and 4 semester basis which enable students to complete the program requirements for our General Studies program in 12 months, Hospitality Management program in 12 months, and, the requirements for the Business and Management program in 16 months. Each of the diploma programs enable graduating students to receive up to 2 years of transfer credit with our articulating institutions.

Multiple Degree Pathways

Our separately established colleges have articulation agreements with private and public degree granting institutions in British Columbia. Completion of our General Studies Diploma, Hospitality Management Diploma and Business and Management Diploma enable students to transfer up to 2 years of credit towards the completion of a Bachelor of Arts Leadership degree at Trinity Western University. Our Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management also has additional transfer agreements with Capilano University, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Vancouver Community College (VCC) as well as internationally with both US and Swiss post-secondary educational institutions.