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Time and Cost Savings + 60 Transfer Credits + Great Selection of Quality Programs

The majority of Vancouver Premier College programs are delivered on an accelerated basis by employing three 5-week cycles per semester which in turn, enable international students to achieve significant savings in accommodations and living-related expenses as compared to the traditional semester-based program delivery. In addition, VPC also coordinates practicums and coops for many of its students which assists students in paying for their education and training. VPC diploma programs also provide 2-years of transfer credit to multiple public and private universities thereby facilitating cost-savings for VPC graduates entering 4-year baccalaureate programs as compared to non-VPC graduates who have selected those same programs. In addition to cost-savings, VPC’s three member institutions are now able to offer diploma and certificate programs on an accelerated basis in a specialized range of Arts and Science, Business and Management, and Hospitality Management. Accordingly, students entering VPC in 2020 have a much greater selection of programs and transfer options to choose from than previous graduates who went on to graduate with university degrees.

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