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Vancouver Premier College of Arts and Science DQAB Submission

This webpage has been developed for the express use of the VPCAS Board of Directors, Board of Governors, Education Council, External Examiners and executive management as it relates to documents submitted in support of VPCAS’s application for Ministerial Consent for an Associate of Science in Information Technology Studies degree. Each of the Appendices below contain multiple documents that have been requested and/or provided as evidence with respect to the various DQAB criteria identified.

Note: Appendices are currently viewable to BOG members. Should you require access to view then please submit a request to registrar@vpcollege.com

DQAB submission preparation documents

Organizational Review Self-Study Criteria

Degree Program Criteria and Guidelines 

PSIPS Application Checklist from the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills

Submission proposal and appendices

VPCAS Associate of Science Degree in Information Technology Studies Proposal

Appendix 1 includes the Organization Review Self-Study Report and related information

Appendix 2 includes the VPCAS Corporate Policy Manual 

Appendix 3 includes Credential Recognition and Nomenclature

Appendix 4 includes Curriculum/Program Content

Appendix 5 includes Learning Methodologies/Program Delivery

Appendix 6 includes Admissions and Transfer Residency

Appendix 7 includes Faculty

Appendix 8 includes Program Resources

Appendix 9 includes Program Consultation

Appendix 10 includes Program Review and Assessment