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Student orientation at VPC combines academic review of programs, student policies, and familiarization of the campus environment with entertainment and excursions to some of the places and sites that are on every student’s “Bucket List” when they study in Vancouver. VPC also arranges and hosts lunches at some of Vancouver’s most recognizable restaurants!

Health and Wellness Services

Students’ physical and mental health is very important to us. Learn about the many resources and supports that you can access if you need to. Contact Student Services for more information.

If you need to talk to someone, don’t wait! You will find plenty of support at VPC. Our contract counsellors offer a free confidential one-on-one consult. For more information about accessing medical services and first aid, contact Student Services.

Safety and Security

All students, instructors, staff and community members collectively contribute to making VPC a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for learning. Campus Operations is committed to ensuring the safety of our students, employees and visitors through proactive public awareness, effective policies, communication, educational programs and community involvement.

Food and Dining

Vancouver and Richmond are vibrant cities, producing fruit for local markets as well as being seafood and salmon fishing hubs. Each year, many festivals celebrate the various harvests from surrounding communities and areas. Vancouver and Richmond are home to some of the best restaurants in the world and offer diners a wide range of eating experiences for virtually every appetite and preference from North American fare to seafood, from French and Middle Eastern to Chinese cuisine. Vancouver and Richmond are among the best cities to eat, live and enjoy life!

Restaurants Near Vancouver Campus
Restaurants Near Richmond Campus

Athletics and Recreation

A wide range of sporting and recreation facility options are available to students in relatively close proximity to the Richmond and Vancouver Campuses. VPC has partnered with City and Community Centers in order to provide free passes to VPC students for some of these facilities which enable our students to experience and enjoy the quality of these facilities for themselves.

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Student Accommodations

A wide range of accommodations are available to students in close proximity to the Richmond and Vancouver Campuses. VPC has worked with developers to negotiate a discount on rental accommodations for VPC Students. Ask Campus Operations about rental availability.

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