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In this video we introduce you to our VPC Student Committee members: Elvan, Kevin, Maria. They are here to help organize activities and events for all students. Come join them and gain some amazing experience by meeting new friends and doing new things.


What is the VPC Student Committee?

The VPC Student Committee provides a platform for students who want to practice and develop their leadership skills which can be carried on to their future educational and career pursuit.

VPC Student Committee is also a key channel of expressing student-perspective on current programs, school policies and etc. at Vancouver Premier College, in order to continually improve VPC on program development and policies making for better students experiences.

Benefits of joining the VPC Student Committee

Joining the VPC Student Committee is an important step for you to enrich your campus life. You can reap unexpected rewards in your studies, career, and personal relationships. In addition, you can show your strengths and lay a good foundation for your future life.

  1. You have early exposure to more job opportunities
  2. You will gain leadership and management skills that will help you in your future studies and careers
  3. You have the opportunity to organize activities that relate to your interests, and get others to participate in them.
  4. You have the opportunities to make many like-minded friends.
  5. You may have the opportunities to get some volunteer work, which will enrich your social and working experience, which will be helpful for your future employment and study.
  6. You can be the voice of both VPC students and our college. Externally, you represent the image of the school. Internally, you can stand in the students’ perspective to become a bridge between the school and students.
  7. Here, you will have plenty of opportunities to display your skills and talents and enrich your life.
  8. With the approval of our college, the support team will try their best to support you, provide space and resources for your planned activities, and further realize your plan for college life.

How to join the VPC Student Committee

The VPC Student Committee welcomes some responsible and creative VPC students who have plans for their future life to join us.

The new students who want to join us need to have some understanding of the VPC Student Committee. Second, you need to understand the responsibilities and planning of the VPC Student Committee. If you are willing to join us, then you can submit to the Student Service Office at feedback@vpcollege.com. We will have a brief communication with you, after a preliminary understanding of each other, we will arrange the most suitable position for you according to your specialty and ability.

For students who are already members of the VPC Student Committee, you can actively participate in internal promotion opportunities. Graduating members and faculty members will help assess your competencies and get to know you to determine if you are ready to take on more important roles.
Generally speaking, there is no limit to the positions of members of the student committee, and everyone is responsible for the tasks that are assigned according to their own strengths and abilities. VPC and VPC Student Committee hope that every member who joins the Committee can get the best practice here, in order to improve their personal ability.