Statement of Ethical Conduct

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Statement of Ethical Conduct

The highest standards of ethical conduct are vital to organizational integrity and growth. It is the people who work with and on behalf of Vancouver Premier College who are integral to its success. VPC’s owners, administrators, faculty, staff and students have more than a 25-year history in Metro Vancouver working collaboratively with the hotel and hospitality industries, among themselves and VPC’s community members to assist students reach their academic and education goals as well as their life and career aspirations. The high performance required to facilitate student success can only be collectively achieved when there is a commonly shared commitment to high ethical standards, mutual respect and civility. Academic freedom and integrity, open inquiry and the pursuit of new knowledge which collectively form the foundation of all truly inspirational academic institutions, ultimately depend on this shared commitment.

This Statement applies to all students, faculty, staff, administrators, stakeholders, contractors, alumnus, employees and community representatives of Vancouver Premier College inclusive of the various memberships of its Board of Directors, Board of Governors, Education Council, Program Advisory Committees and other individuals who may be permanently or temporarily acting on behalf of VPC, collectively referred to forthwith as “VPC’s Community Members.”

This Statement is meant to strengthen VPC’s commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct and behavior and is intended as a public affirmation of VPC’s Board of Governors Policy and Employee Code of Conduct Policy which states in part:

“Vancouver Premier College values integrity, impartiality and accountability in all of its internal and external relationships and expects its employees and representatives to explicitly model these critical values as they discharge their responsibilities on behalf of VPC. Specifically, representatives and employees should not seek to personally benefit from their position, responsibilities or duties arising from their VPC position; and, representatives and employees should consistently strive to treat all internal employees and external partners, suppliers, contractors, and other vital and associated community members with fairness and respect.”