Our separately established colleges have developed a comprehensive set of policies to ensure that students are informed during their post-secondary educational journey. Among the value-added policies developed by our  colleges is the VPC Credit Transfer which ensures that students who earn credit at one of our colleges can transfer that credit to any other of our colleges or programs thereby reducing the time and cost for students associated with program and credential completion. 

Governance Policies

Board of Directors’ or Governance Policies typically encompass the various roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of our Board of Directors which is comprised of the majority shareholders, executive administrators and other representatives that serve the interests of our stakeholders and the public that exists within the BC post-secondary education environment.

VPCAS Statement on Ethical Conduct

VPCBM Statement on Ethical Conduct

VPCHM Statement on Ethical Conduct

Academic Policies

Academic Policies govern our various institutional programs and academic life of students, instructors and academic administrators. These policies address all aspects of educational administration including but not limited to the requirements for admission and graduation; course administration; student and instructor evaluation; and, awarding of institutional certificates and diplomas.

The following policies can be found under MyVPC.

Attendance Policy, Dismissal Policy, Dispute Resolution Policy, Grades Appeal Policy, Prior Learning Assessment Policy, Refund Policy, Sexual Misconduct Policy, Statement of Student Rights, and Withdrawal Policy.

Administrative and Operational Policies

Administrative and Operational Policies include those policies and procedures that guide the effective and efficient management, administration and operation of our independently established colleges inclusive of their departments and facilities. These policies include human resources, health and safety, management information systems, finance, budgeting, maintenance, and building security.

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