Vancouver Premier College

Vancouver Premier College is a teaching and student success focused group of affiliated member colleges that are committed to providing international and local students with access to programs in Arts, Science, Business, Management, Health Science and Continuing Education.  


To be one of the most vital international higher education and job-oriented learning institutes.


Prepare students for life-long learning and career success through practical and innovative programs that support personal growth and advance career goals.


VPC’s values appeal to an individual’s personal responsibility and moral competency, calling for all those in its collegial community to make sound moral decisions based on values that British Columbians can identify with.
At Vancouver Premier College, we value (being):

Providing high-quality service to students, your team, and college to reflect and enhance the value of your work and your team’s work.

Effective Teamwork
Respecting and supporting each other as an organic team to strive for team achievement and honor

Progressive Partnerships
Forging relationships with others who share values to achieve our Mission

A Learning Organization
Building a learning organization to continuously improve VPC’s creativity, competitiveness, and capacity

Systemic Innovation
Systematized innovation inside and outside VPC to utilize the impact of new theories and new technologies on education for our mission.

Efficient Execution
Pursuit of effective and efficient execution to quickly achieve VPC’s desired outcomes

Institutional Commitments

  1. To student success and everything that contributes to it.
  2. To increasing the flexibility of student academic pathways.
  3. To instructional and administrative excellence and execution.
  4. To increasingly high standards of student support and services.
  5. To continuously improving quality and relevance in all programs delivered.
  6. To collaborative governance and principled administration.
  7. To strengthening community partnerships, support and well-being.
  8. To measurable improvement in all facets of VPC operations.