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Dr. Kevin Nagel

Welcome to Our Colleges

This site provides access to three independent colleges that work hard each day to reflect our core values and priorities.  Our faculty, administrators and staff are committed to our Mission and Vision that enable our colleges to not only focus on student success in the short-term but also, on the achievement of educational innovation and sustainability that will be required to be infused into our college DNA as we address the challenges posed by a post-pandemic “new normal”.  

The importance of post-secondary education has never been as evident as it will be in the post-pandemic economy. Prior to the arrival of COVID-19, the BC Labour Market Outlook Report (2019) projected that 40% of future jobs would require diploma, certificate or apprenticeship training. The consequences of the pandemic however include accelerated digitization and automation of work which in turn, will necessitate greater access to quality higher education and vocational training programs for all those seeking to secure a new job, maintain their current position and/or successfully pursue either a higher level position or alternate career path.  

Through our recent work during the pandemic, we are re-imagining what it takes to develop and deliver quality education and training programs in a post-pandemic economy. Our focus is on programming that addresses both provincially and globally needed workforce skills combined with excellence in teaching and learning that will enable VPC to distinguish its programs in a range of disciplines that are increasingly relied upon by our students to enhance their higher education and employment prospects. In addition to developing diploma programs with articulated pathways to undergraduate degrees, we are also developing postgraduate diplomas with articulated pathways to graduate degrees and direct linkages to highly-valued global industry certifications.     

While we are currently planning to re-open our colleges to on-campus learning in September 2022, we remain respectful of our student’s preferences with respect to participating in either online or on-campus programs. Accordingly, we are preparing both on-campus and online options for all programs and will make revisions to our proposed schedule based on student course selection outcomes. 

On behalf of our Board of Directors, faculty, staff and our growing family of alumnus, partners, stakeholder and community friends, we welcome you to actively participate in the opportunities that our colleges provide by bringing people together from virtually all corners of the globe to learn and study in a supportive, inclusive and respectful learning environment. 


Kevin Nagel, MA, MSt., PhD, ICD.D
President & VP Academic