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Dr. Kevin Nagel

Welcome to the Vancouver Premier College (VPC) website

This site provides direct access to VPC member institutions that work hard each day to reflect our values and priorities regarding quality teaching and student success and highlights the services and people that make VPC a welcoming and supportive learning environment. Our students, instructors, administrators and staff are distinguished for their commitment to quality education, instructional excellence, innovations in teaching and learning, inclusive approach and emphasis on continuous improvement through individualized learning.

Our institutions benefit from not only their long-standing relationships with local business and industry in Vancouver but also their growing presence in the Metro Vancouver Area including most recently, the City of Richmond, where our campus at the Lansdowne Centre is situated in the heart of a higher educational community within a growing and vibrant urban center. Our efforts to recruit truly diverse and globally educated instructors provides VPC institutions with not only an ability to appropriately contextualize course content but also, to provide culturally relevant examples, thereby giving life to the knowledge that instructors transfer to students.

Through its recent restructuring and expansion, VPC is re imagining what it takes to develop and deliver quality post-secondary educational programming in 2020 and beyond. Our unrelenting focus and insistence on career-based and responsive programming combined with excellence in teaching within a global curricular context facilitates the creation of a multi-faceted institutional view that has become so critical to the future success of all institutions of higher learning and indeed, to all organizations in this ever-changing, volatile and emerging global economy.

While our current efforts are on managing the higher education-related implications of COVID-19, VPC’s focus is to advance its Vision and Mission while addressing the increasing demand for workforce skill sets required for new technologies and jobs emerging on a daily basis. Pursuit of this objective will give life to the next generation of in-demand credentials including but not limited to skill-specific micro-credentials which are significantly more cost-effective to acquire and require less time to master than the current set of credentials serving the employer market.

On behalf of the VPC Board of Directors, our member institutions and our growing educational family of alumnus, partners, stakeholder and friends, we welcome you to actively participate in the increasing number of opportunities that our institutions provide by bringing people together from virtually all corners of the globe to learn and study in a supportive, inclusive, respectful and collaborative environment where everyone lives, learns and belongs.


Kevin Nagel, PhD, ICD.D
President & Chief Academic Officer