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Dr. Kevin Nagel

Welcome to Our Colleges

This site provides access to three independent colleges that work hard each day to reflect our core values and priorities.  Our students, instructors, administrators and staff are recognized for their instructional excellence, innovations in teaching and learning, inclusive approach and emphasis on improving both group and individualized learning.

Our colleges benefit from not only their long-standing relationships with local business and industry in Vancouver but also from their growing presence in Metro Vancouver including most recently, the City of Richmond where our location within the Lansdowne Centre is situated in the heart of a vibrant urban center. Our efforts to recruit globally educated instructors with professional and/or industry experience provides our programs with not only an ability to provide culturally relevant examples during the delivery of course content, but also, provides an opportunity for the internationalization of curriculum through multi-stakeholder articulation agreements, the quality of which can be enhanced through the incorporation of sought after professional and industry certifications within our existing program curriculum whenever possible.  

Through our recent restructuring and expansion, we are re-imagining what it takes to develop and deliver quality education and training programs in 2025 and beyond. Our focus on programming that addresses both provincially and globally needed workforce skills combined with excellence in teaching and learning will enable VPC to differentiate its programs in a range of academic disciplines that are increasingly relied upon by our students to enhance their advanced study and employability prospects. 

While our current efforts are on mitigating the immediate effects of COVID-19 on our college community, we also need to address the long-term effects of the pandemic on our industry as a whole. Accordingly, our efforts to advance our Vision and Mission need to be informed by these long-term effects as we seek to address the demand for relevant workforce skill sets required for new technologies and jobs emerging on a daily basis. Pursuit of this objective will not only give rise to the next generation of micro-credentials but also, a wide range of innovative course and program configurations designed to both address emerging and future workplace skill gaps and requirements as well as industry certification and quality standards. 

On behalf of our Board of Directors, instructors, staff and our growing family of alumnus, partners, stakeholder and community friends, we welcome you to actively participate in the opportunities that our colleges provide by bringing people together from virtually all corners of the globe to learn and study in a supportive, inclusive and respectful learning environment. 


Kevin Nagel, PhD, ICD.D
President & Chief Academic Officer