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Hospitality Management Diploma

63 Credits, 12 months (52.5 weeks)

Hospitality Management with Practicum Diploma: 63 credits, 12 months (52.5 weeks)
Hospitality Management with Co-op Diploma: 63 credits, 24 months (103 weeks)

Elevate your career opportunities with the Hospitality Management Diploma. This program is an excellent way to launch your supervisory or management career in the hospitality industry. Graduates of this program may also transfer credits to higher-level diploma or degree programs at colleges and universities in Canada and Switzerland. This program can also be done with a practicum or co-op option.

Admissions Requirement

1. Be at least 17 years of age
2. Have graduated from high school or apply as a mature student who did not graduate from high school but is at least 19 years of age
3. Provide proof of English proficiency:
• Grade 12 or higher-level English course.
High School English 12: C (or equivalent) from an English speaking country.
University or College level English course (non‐ESL): C from an institution where English is the language of instruction.
• Proof of four‐year undergraduate degree from a recognized institution where English is the principal language of the country and the language of instruction.
• English Language Test (only valid for two years):
TOEFL: 68 iBT (with no individual score less than 16), 190 CBT, or 520 PBT
IELTS: Academic version 6 (with no band test score less than 5.5)
Cambridge International Exam: GCE O level C
TOEIC: 700
LPI: 4
VPC English Proficiency Exam: 75% (Test fee: $25 CAD)
• Completion of VPC ENGL 099.
• Completion of AEL/ESL level equivalent to the VPC English Proficiency Exam.
• Completion of at least 12 credits from a post secondary institution in Canada or where
English is the principal language of the country and the language of instruction.

Required Curriculum

The Hospitality Management Diploma Program was originally designed by the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) and has been updated with the most relevant hospitality courses and content from leading researchers and publishers. In addition, this curriculum includes important contributions from business and management which have carefully been incorporated into the program to enhance relevance and rigor.

Certification Upon Completion

  • Hospitality Management Diploma from Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management
  • Course Certificates from AHLEI
    Note: Students must achieve 70% or higher on all the AHLEI core course exams to receive any applicable AHLEI certification.


ENGL 109College Composition
TOUR 121Introduction to Tourism
MRKT 100Essentials of Marketing
HRM 200Human Resources Management
RMD 138
COP 201
ROM 203
Housekeeping Management
Cruise Operations
Restaurant Operations
RMD 133Managing Front Office Operations
FSM 149Food and Beverage Service
COMM 225Business Communications
RMD 280Facilities Management and Design
ACCT 100Financial Accounting
ENGL 209Advanced Writing & Research
MRKT 200
PSYC 269
Digital Marketing
Consumer Psychology
STAT 170
MATH 160
Business Statistics
Business Mathematics
COMP 120Essential Computer Applications
ENTR 202Entrepreneurship
FSM 245
FSM 246
Food Production Principles
Managing Beverage Operations
ECON 103Economics
BUS 210Organizational Behaviour
EVC 275
BUS 250
Meetings and Events Management
Project Management
FSM 264Planning & Control of Food and Beverage Operations
BUS 220
BUS 221
Business Law
Hospitality Law

Each of above courses consist of:

3 credits per course
60 hours per course

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