The origin of Vancouver Premier College (VPC) dates back more than 20 years to May 1998 when Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management, a current member institution of VPC, was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia as Canada’s first College to specialize exclusively in the design, development and delivery of quality hotel management related education and training programs. Since its establishment, VPC’s full-time enrollment has grown consistently each year with its 2019 enrollment reaching more than 1,000 FLE. Vancouver Premier College is predominantly an international institution with a majority of its students coming from Asia.   

Due to the consistent annual increase in demand from international students seeking to study in Canada since 2008, VPC has significantly enhanced its teaching and learning capacity by creating three additional specialized institutions of higher learning. Vancouver Premier College of Arts and Science was established, through the acquisition of Pioneer College, to provide greater access for local and international students to a range of Arts, humanities and Science programs and credentials. Vancouver Premier College of Business and Management was established to address the increased inflow of local and international students seeking entry into quality BC-based business and management programs while Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management has been operated successfully for more than 20 years in Vancouver.   

In addition to investing in new academic programming, VPC also made critical investments in quality post-secondary education instruction, administration and facilities which in turn, have resulted in significant increases in the choice and quality of programs delivered by its member institutions. To ensure VPC develops the capacity to realize its Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives, a bicameral governance structure consisting of a Board of Directors and Academic Council will be established. The Board of Directors will provide strategic direction and oversight with respect to planning and operations while the Academic Council will manage all education and academic related matters and issues on behalf of the Board. VPC currently has two campus locations in Metro Vancouver, a downtown Vancouver campus located on West Broadway and a Richmond campus located at Lansdowne Center in Richmond.