Collaborative Learning Connections in the Age of AI

The Vancouver Premier College Board of Governors were delighted to have hosted an evening of Community Building, Collaboration, and Thought Leadership that acknowledged endeavors to improve education access, resources, and literacy. Collaboration played a pivotal role in positively impacting Vancouver Premier College’s student success over its 25 years. Likewise, collaborations across Education, Technology, Science, the Arts, and Business were highlighted as essential for ensuring equal access to quality education resources and opportunities for all BC learners.

The event took place on December 1, 2023, at the Rosewood Georgia Hotel in downtown Vancouver. 

This special occasion also marked VPC’s 25th Anniversary and showcased keynote presentations from distinguished leaders in Science, Technology, and Education. These leaders have made significant contributions to improving access to post-secondary education and STEAM literacy. They shared their perspectives on the potential impact of Generative AI on education access and STEAM literacy initiatives.


Kevin Ong (Host)
Albert Wang (Host)
Dr. W.A. Sam Shaw (Board Chair)
Dr. Kevin Nagel (Master of Ceremony)
Dr. Lyle Oberg (Keynote speaker)


Future Skills Panelists
Dr. Stéphane Vermeulin  (International Comprehensive: Nouvelle School)
Dr. Nicholas Fillion (Simon Fraser University)
Dr. Dale Martelli (School District 39)

Education Group Panelists
Dr. Philip Laird (Trinity Western University)
Dr. Andy Igonor (Vancouver Premier College)
Dr. Olivia New (Vancouver Premier College)
Robin Barrett (Simon Fraser University)

Innovation Group Panelists
Dr. Gerry Gourlay (Science Fair Foundation)
Michael Unger (Science Fair Foundation)
Jesse Abney (University of British Columbia TRIUMF)
Diana Castanada (University of British Columbia TRIUMF)



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