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Business Management Diploma

60 Credits, 60 Weeks in 4 semesters

The Business Management Diploma provides students with the opportunity to study current business concepts and expand their knowledge of business management principles. These courses enable students to gain valuable knowledge and develop employability-related skills that will help them both gain employment as well as ensure that they are well-positioned for advancement to supervisory and management positions as they become available.

Admissions Requirement

1. Be at least 17 years of age
2. Have graduated from high school or apply as a mature student who did not graduate from high school but is at least 19 years of age
Provide proof of English proficiency:
> Grade 12 or higher-level English course.
> High School English 12: C (or equivalent) from an English speaking country.
> University or College level English course (non‐ESL): C from an institution where English is the language of instruction.
English Language Test (only valid for two years):
> TOEFL: 68 iBT (with no individual score less than 16), 190 CBT, or 520 PBT
> IELTS: Academic version 6 (with no band test score less than 5.5)
> Cambridge International Exam: GCE O level C
> TOEIC: 700
> LPI: 4
> VPC English Proficiency Exam: 75%
> Completion of VPC ENGL 099
> Completion of AEL/ESL to an equivalent level
> Completion of at least 12 credits from a post secondary institution in Canada or where English is the principal language of the country and the language of instruction.

Graduation Requirement

To complete the program, a student must pass all courses with a mark of at least 50% in each course. Students must attend at least 75% of the program’s classes. The Business Management Diploma Program requires:
1) A minimum of 60 credits with a minimum of 24 credits at the 200 level;
2) Completion of ENGL 109, ENGL 209, COMM 225, COMP 120 and BUS 250.
3) Up to 5 elective courses (15 credits) in any academic discipline can be selected or transferred in as breadth courses in this program.

Required Curriculum

The Business and Management Diploma curriculum is comprised of the gold standard courses in business and management that provide the foundation for baccalaureate degrees in business, management, leadership and interdisciplinary and integrated studies. Students will learn the fundamental principles of the primary functional disciplines including accounting, finance, management, marketing and human resource management. In addition, students will learn project management (PM) principles as applied in major projects including entrepreneurship and leadership for which they will also complete both major assignments using PM principles.

Learning Outcomes

By completing the Business and Management Diploma, students will learn to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge & competency in multiple business functional areas
    including but not limited to: accounting; finance; marketing; human resource
    management; communications; economics; business math and statistics.
  • Apply the principles of management in both a small and large business context
    as well as in both Canadian and international business contexts;
  • Demonstrate understanding, professionalism and competency with respect to
    effectively resolving a range of business and management related issues while
    concurrently enhancing both employee and customer service and loyalty;
  • Demonstate leadership skills and abilities in a modern business context as they
    would aply to recruiting quality staff; motivating others; and, leading change;
  • Analyze complex business and management issues in various cultural contexts
    by utilizing current management tools and analytics.
  • Courses

    ACCT 100Financial Accounting
    ACCT 200Managerial Accounting
    BUS 180Canadian Business Fundamentals
    BUS 190Essentials of Management
    BUS 210Organizational Behaviour
    BUS 220Business Law
    BUS 230Operations Management
    BUS 240International Business
    BUS 250Project Management
    BUS 270Personal Finance
    BUS 275Management Information Systems
    BUS 290Corporate Finance
    COMM 125Business Communications Fundamentals
    COMM 225Business Communications
    COMM 250International Communications
    COMP 120Essential Computer Applications
    ECON 103Economics
    ECON 108Principles of Microeconomics
    ECON 109Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECON 237Understanding Globalization
    ENGL 109College Composition
    ENGL 209Advanced Writing & Research
    ENTR 202Entrepreneurship
    HRM 200Human Resource Management
    HRM 240Labour Relations
    MATH 160Business Mathematics
    MATH 190Calculus I
    MRKT 100Essentials of Marketing
    MRKT 200
    Digital Marketing I
    MRKT 205Digital Marketing II
    MRKT 210Digital Marketing (Non DMI Option)
    MRKT 290Digital Marketing Capstone
    PHIL 230Introduction to Ethics
    STAT 170Business Statistics

    Course Offering and Schedule Updates:
    All course offerings and schedules are subject to change in accordance with enrollment, instruction and other circumstances. Be sure to consult the website on the regular basis for any changes that may affect your preferred schedule prior to course selection.

    Each of above courses consist of:
    – 3 credits per course
    – 60 hours per course

    The Business Management Diploma was reviewed and approved by the Registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.

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