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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors (BOG) was created to enhance the education and administrative capacity of VPC as well as to enhance the quality of its educational programs and services. The BOG is responsible for providing oversight on performance and works collaboratively through and with BOG Standing Committees and Education Council in advising the Board of Directors on a wide range of governance, administrative and operational matters. The Board of Governors (BOG) is the senior advisory body to the Board of Directors and provides input on a range of administrative, policy, education, government, community and stakeholder issues.

The Board of Governors is comprised of seven members who are appointed by the Board of Directors. Two of the appointed members are representatives of ownership while the remaining five members, including the President, are appointed in accordance with their knowledge and experience in higher education or similarly complex public or private sector management enterprise. The Chair is appointed by the Board of Directors while the Vice Chair is elected from the independent members. Each of the BOG members will also provide their expertise to its Standing Committees. All BOG members will be able to vote on motions with the  exception of the President and Chief Executive Officer who are ex officio (non-voting) members. The Board of Governors conducts its business through its four Standing Committees: Executive Committee; Finance and Audit Committee; Governance and Nominating Committee; and, Planning and Strategy Committee.

Board of Governors: Dr. Kevin Nagel, Dr. Leanne McCarthy, Dr. Lyle Oberg, Dr. Sam Shaw, Albert Wang, Nina Leemhuis, Kevin Ong

Board of Governors Meeting Schedule (2023)

March 31, 2023 – Documents for review (only viewable by members)

BOG Meeting Package (Mar 31, 2023)
BOG Briefing Note (Mar 31, 2023)
BOG Meeting Minutes (Nov 4, 2022)
BOG Meeting Minutes (March 31, 2023)
VPCAS 2022 Audited Financial Statements
VPCAS Strategic Plan 2023-2027 (Mar 31, 2023)
VPCAS Academic Plan 2023-2027 (Mar 31, 2023)
VPCAS Business Plan 2023-2027 (Mar 31, 2023)
VPCAS Corporate Policy Manual (Mar 31, 2023)
VPCAS Organizational Review and Self-Study Report (Mar 31, 2023)
VPCAS Associate of Arts Degree Proposal (Mar 31, 2023)
VPCAS College Management System Review and Plan (Mar 31, 2023)
Engineering Design Process in Student Centred Learning

September 28, 2023 – Documents for review (only viewable by members)
BOG Meeting Package (Sept 28, 2023)
BOG Briefing Note (Sept 28, 2023)
F&A Committee Meeting – July 24, 2023
Minister Sawhney – August 29, 2023
Draft 25th Celebration E-mail Invitation
Degree Program Review Criteria and Guidelines (DQAB)
Organizational Review and Self-Study Criteria (DQAB)
Checklist – Degree Program Review and Organization Review (DQAB)
Associate of Science Degree Proposal (Sept 12, 2023)
VPCAS Organizational Self-Study Report (Sept 12, 2023)
VPCAS Strategic Plan (Sept 12, 2023)
VPCAS Academic Plan (Sept 12, 2023)
VPCAS Business Plan (Sept 12, 2023)
VPCAS Corporate Policy (Sept 12, 2023)
BC Labour Market Outlook 2022 Report
November 30, 2023 – Documents for review (only viewable by members)
BOG Meeting Package (Nov 30, 2023)
BOG Briefing Note (Nov 30, 2023)
BOG Meeting Minutes (Sept 28, 2023)
President’s Awards Descriptions
Student Centered Learning Elements
Finance & Accounting Committee minutes (Nov 27, 2023)
BOG Finance and Audit Committee Financial Update and Management’s Discussion of Results (Nov 27, 2023)


Board of Governors Meeting Schedule (2022)

May 19, 2022 – Documents for review (only viewable by members)

Organizational Review and Self-Study Criteria (DQAB)
Degree Program Review Criteria and Guidelines (DQAB)
BOG Orientation
BOG Meeting Package (May 19, 2022)
Statement on Ethical Conduct
Interim 5-Year Strategic Plan
Interim 5-Year Academic Plan
Interim 5-Year Business Plan
Interim Corporate Policy Manual
Interim Organizational Review Self-Study Report
External Organization Reviewer’s Profile
BOG Briefing Note (May 19, 2022)
BOG Meeting Minutes (May 19, 2022)
Motions 1-14 (May 19, 2022)

August 4, 2022 – Documents for review (only viewable by members)

Organizational Review and Self-Study Criteria (DQAB)
Degree Program Review Criteria and Guidelines (DQAB)
BOG Meeting Package (Aug 4, 2022)
VPC 2021 Financial Statements (Aug 4, 2022)
Interim Associate of Arts Degree Proposals 
Interim Associate of Science Degree Proposals 
External Organization Reviewer’s Report
External Organization Reviewer’s Profile
External Organization Reviewer’s Curriculum Vitae
External Program Reviewer’s Profile
External Program Reviewer’s Curriculum Vitae
BOG Briefing Note (Aug 4, 2022)
BOG Meeting Minutes (Aug 4, 2022)
Motions 15-27 (Aug 4, 2022)

November 4, 2022 – Documents for review (only viewable by members)

Revised 5-Year Strategic Plan
Revised 5-Year Academic Plan
Revised VPCAS Business Plan 2023-2027
Revised VPCBM Business Plan 2023-2027
Revised Corporate Policy Manual (November 1, 2022)
Associate of Arts Degree Proposals 
Associate of Science Degree Proposals 
Associate of Arts Degree Proposals External Review 
Associate of Science Degree Proposals External Review 
Organizational Review Self-Study Report
BOG Meeting Package (Nov 4, 2022)
BOG Briefing Note (Nov 4, 2022)
BOG Meeting Minutes (Nov 4, 2022)
Motions 28-36 (Nov 4, 2022)


Board of Governors Standing Committees

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee assists the Board of Governors by acting in the place of the BOG between regularly scheduled BOG meetings and in emergency situations as circumstance may require. This committee also addressing a wide variety of issues or special projects as the Board of Governors may deem appropriate.

Finance and Audit Committee
The Finance and Audit Committee provides financial and audit oversight which includes: financial reporting processes; systems of internal controls and risk management; and, internal and external audit processes while also enhancing communication between the auditors, administration and Board of Governors.

Governance and Nominating Committee
The Governance and Nominating Committee provides advice with respect to its approach to good governance, governance framework, and overall board stewardship, including succession planning and processes to support and evaluate the effectiveness of the BOG, Standing Committees, and Ad Hoc Committees as may be formed.

Planning and Strategy Committee
The Planning and Strategy Committee provides advice with respect to the 5-Year strategic plan; identifying key programs for future development and securing articulation and partnership agreements with private and public institutions, industry and business.

Board of Governors Members

The Board of Governors has the responsibility to provide oversight with respect to institutional performance and works collaboratively through and with its Standing Committees, Education Council, executive administration and department heads to advise the Board of Directors on governance, academic and operational matters.

Sam Shaw, MSc, MBA, PhD, C.Dir, BOG Chair
Chair, Executive Committee

Dr. Sam Shaw has had more than 20 years of experience in the executive leadership of progressive post-secondary educational institutions in Canada and UAE. During his 14-year tenure as President and CEO of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Dr. Shaw transitioned NAIT into one of Canada’s leading Polytechnic Institutes inclusive of completing plans and raising funding for the construction of NAIT’s Centre for Applied Technology, a 555,000 SF state-of-the-art polytechnic teaching and learning facility. As Deputy Vice Chancellor at the Higher Colleges of Technology (UAE), Dr. Shaw led the restructuring of HCT, secured national and international accreditations while also creating two innovation centers. Dr. Shaw received his PhD from the University of Toronto and his Chartered Director Designation from the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University. He is owner and Board Chair of Allwest Furnishings Ltd. in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Honourable Dr. Lyle Oberg, E.C.A.
BOG Vice Chair
Chair, Governance and Nominating Committee

Dr. Lyle Oberg is Board Chair of Alberta Health Services. A medical doctor by training, Dr. Oberg has had more than 15 years of experience as the Minister Responsible for Alberta Learning, Finance, Infrastructure and Transportation and Social Services. As the Minister of Learning, Dr. Oberg oversaw Alberta’s Commission on Learning and implemented many of its recommendations including the reduction of provincial class sizes. As Minister, Dr. Oberg also began the second language initiative in Alberta schools to give students an edge in the world marketplace and initiated the daily physical activity program to improve student health. Dr. Oberg has significant business experience having served as a director on the boards of businesses engaged in medical and DNA research, mental health, financial services, asset management and resource development. Dr. Oberg also serves as Chief Executive Officer of Mynd Lifesciences Inc., a leading mental health sciences company located in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Nina Leemhuis CPA, CGA, C.Dir.
Chair, Finance and Audit Committee

Nina Leemhuis is a chartered board director, strategic organization leader and financial management professional with more than 15 years of senior and executive management experience in public sector management and postsecondary education. As Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the District of West Vancouver, Nina provided leadership to a complex and diverse municipal organization within an engaged community, ensuring corporate and divisional alignment with Council’s priorities. She also developed and implemented corporate objectives related to organizational best-practice in human resource management, emergency preparedness, corporate and fiscal sustainability, asset management and community engagement. Previously, as Chief Financial Officer for the District of West Vancouver, Nina provided financial and organizational leadership on a range of municipal issues and matters. Earlier, as Chief Financial Officer of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Nina provided leadership in the area of financial planning, management and affairs for BC’s most prolific and impactful employer and jobs-oriented post-secondary educational institution which, was responsible for training and educating more than 50,000 students and employing 2,300 full time employees.

Kevin Ong, Founder & President Emeritus
Ownership Representative

Kevin Ong is the Founder of Vancouver Premier College and has enjoyed more than 20 years of success as its Chairman and President. An entrepreneur, business visionary and investor, Mr. Ong first entered BC’s post-secondary education system by establishing Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management in 1998. After more than 20 years as VPC Chairman and President, Mr. Ong initiated a corporate restructuring while also making a significant investment to enhance VPC’s educational and administrative capacity. Central to this initiative was the establishment of two additional, specialized colleges in 2019 which offer qualified students access to Arts, Science, Business and Management programs through two locations in Vancouver and Richmond. Through additional investments in educational administration, faculty and teaching and learning space, management systems and technology, he has positioned VPC to provide enhanced levels of quality post-secondary education programming in the future. As General Manager of KT PAK International (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., KT PAK International (Thailand) Co. Ltd., and KT Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in Taiwan, he continues to support VPC’s strategic and operational plans in his capacity as Vice Chairman and Corporate Secretary of the Board of Directors. He received his formal postsecondary education from Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Lausanne, Switzerland as well as from Columbia College in Vancouver.

Leanne McCarthy, BSc (Hons), MA, DBA
Chair, Planning and Strategy Committee

Dr. Leanne McCarthy has had more than 15 years of senior and executive management experience in post-secondary education and municipal governance. Dr. McCarthy brings significant post-secondary education experience as a past director of both student recruitment, and student services as well as being Executive Director of Continuing Education for a large Canadian polytechnic. Subsequently, Dr. McCarthy gained significant experience in public administration and municipal governance as Branch Manager, Integrated Strategic Development and later as Deputy City Manager, Urban Form and Corporate Strategic Development for the City of Edmonton. Dr. McCarthy currently serves in the capacity of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the City of North Vancouver where she is providing leadership with respect to the City of North Vancouver’s strategic planning processes.

Albert Wang, BSc (Computer Science)
CEO and Ownership Representative

Albert Wang is an educator, business developer and active investor in private and public business and industry sectors including but not limited to computer science, information and communication technology, engineering and post-secondary education. An Engineer by formal education and training, Mr. Wang provided leadership in progressively more senior management positions in a number of Shanghai-based  manufacturing, technology and computer firms prior to joining Vancouver Premier College in 2008. Since joining VPC, Mr. Wang has provided leadership in operational and administrative capacities, and, was promoted to Executive Director in 2012 and to President and co-majority shareholder in 2016. In 2020, as part of VPC’s corporate re-organization in 2020, Mr. Wang assumed the Chairmanship of the Board of Directors and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer, positions which he has maintained through VPC’s recent institutional expansion. Mr. Wang participated in the Master Program of Management Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and, earned his Bachelor of Computer Science from Shanghai University of Science and Technology.

Kevin Nagel, MA, MSt., PhD, ICD.D
President and VP Academic

Dr. Kevin Nagel began his second 5-year term as Vancouver Premier College’s President and Vice President, Academic on February 1, 2024. Since joining VPC in 2019, Dr. Nagel has made a significant capacity-related contribution in all organizational and operational areas and has enabled an emphasis on the development of quality post-secondary education programming with a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) focus. Dr. Nagel earned his PhD and MA in Educational Administration from the University of Victoria (BC) and his Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership and Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business from the University of Cambridge (UK). Prior to joining VPC, Dr. Nagel was President and CEO of Keyano College; Dean of the JR Shaw School of Business, Faculty of Undergraduate Studies and School of Culinary Arts at NAIT; and, Assistant Dean of Professional and Continuing Education and Director of the Bachelor of Management Program at Concordia University College of Alberta. Dr. Nagel has completed development training in Corporate Governance that includes the ICD-Rotman Directors Education Program delivered collaboratively by the University of Toronto and University of Alberta (Edmonton) and ICD.D designation conferred by the Institute of Corporate Directors.