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STEAMing Ahead - A Science Community Day

Step into the World of STEAM for FREE at Vancouver Premier College, Lansdowne Mall, Richmond!

Gather your friends and family for a day of excitement and learning! Our event is packed with activities that cater to everyone’s interests.

Challenge yourself with BC Genome’s STEM Jeopardy game. Can you set a new record?

Experience Open Science and STEM ACES Education Inc’s interactive presentations. Explore the fascinating realm of design thinking and its impact on our future.

 With Vancouver Premier College, delve into the crucial topic of Cybersecurity. Learn how to safeguard your digital identity in our increasingly connected world.

Meet and interact with top-tier researchers and innovators, engage in hands-on experiments, and be amazed by live scientific demonstrations.


Don’t let this chance slip away! Dive into the captivating world of science and technology with us. We’re excited to see you there! 

Event Information

Saturday June 15, 2024

10:00AM – 3:00PM

Vancouver Premier College

103-5300 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC (outside entry at Lansdowne Centre, above JYSK)


STEAM Ecosystem BC

STEAM Ecosystem BC is a non-profit learning ecosystem comprised of a network of diverse collaborators from education, technology, science, the arts and business sectors in British Columbia, working together to ensure all learners have equal access to educational resources and opportunities.

Genome BC

Genome BC’s Geneskool will be sharing with students how proteins are made from information stored in DNA, using a triplet code of “codons”, the students will spell their name with the DNA code by making a bracelet in which 1 amino acid “letter” is converted into 3 DNA “letters”. The Geneskool team will also be extracting DNA live from fruit. Following a simple protocol in the correct sequence, students will be able to directly see DNA from fruit!

Open Science Network

Vancouver’s only community science lab will have activities suitable for all ages.

STEM ACES Education Inc.

To be announced.

UBC Geering Up

Hands-On STEM Learning For Kids.

UBC Medicine

To be announced.

UBC Quantum Club

To be announced.

SFU Centre for Forensic Research

To be announced.

Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences

To be announced.

Ethos Lab

To be announced.


Building Electronic Circuits with TRIUMF


TRIUMF (Canada’s national accelerator centre) specializes in accelerating particles to near-light speeds for basic scientific research. Many types of electronic circuits are used to achieve this high-energy acceleration. Here, in our STEAMing Ahead activity, we offer opportunities for kids, youth, and young adults to safely create their own electronic circuits with analogies to systems used at TRIUMF. We provide simple activities alongside our expert physicists to create “light-up LED” circuits with batteries, resistors, wires, and LEDs. We also demonstrate more advanced circuits with capacitors, diodes, and how to use multimeters and oscilloscopes to measure electrical properties and understand the flow of electrons in circuits. Hands-on “experimental” physics of this kind is critical for young people in today’s ultra-high-tech world.

EMI Technologies

To be announced.

Young Engineers

To be announced.

Vancouver Premier College – Arts and Science

To be announced.