Premier College

Vancouver Premier College (VPC) was established under the BC Business Corporations Act as a private, for-profit global higher education development, investment and management firm located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The origin of VPC dates back more than 20 years to May 1998 when Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management, a current member of VPC, was founded as Canada’s very first college to specialize exclusively in the design, development and delivery of quality hotel management related post-secondary education and training programs.

VPC’s Founders brought together an experienced team of senior post-secondary leaders for the purpose of aligning quality post-secondary educational programming with the personal, career and professional interests of international students seeking to study in Canada. Based on the expressed interests of international students, VPC established three institutions through which it provides Hospitality and Hotel Management, Arts and Science, and Business and Management as illustrated below. VPC’s course offerings have been carefully designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they require to successfully enter the employment market or pursue advanced studies.

VPC Enhances Student Success

VPC offers courses and programs in Business and Management, and Arts and Sciences. It also offers programs in interdisciplinary and general studies which seek to combine theory and practice from multiple academic disciplines or streams. These programs provide multiple lenses and perspectives on human behaviour so are able to enrich and enhance student analyses and understanding well beyond what a single discipline is able to offer or provide. VPC also provides vocational training in Hotel and Hospitality Management and has established a number of international articulations with prestigious hotel, hospitality and business administration programs and institutions located in Switzerland.

VPC enhances student success in its courses and programs through its “Becoming a Master Instructor” (BMI) program, which provides training and development for instructors to ensure high quality standards of instruction and a consistent educational philosophy are maintained across VPC programs. Additionally, VPC is developing a Learning Resource Center to provide students with individualized tutoring that facilitates their learning and academic achievement.

Private vs Public Post-Secondary Education Institutions

The majority of post-secondary education institutions in Canada, such as universities, colleges and technical institutes, were created through provincial legislation as private institutions. Those institutions eligible to receive government funding also apply for non-profit status which allows them to accept tax-exempt donations, and, to accumulate operating surpluses. Conversely, Vancouver Premier College (VPC) is a private, for profit entity which while not receiving government support, pays taxes on net income, and, is accountable to the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training through provincial regulation that is administered by the Private Training Institutions Branch.