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Vancouver Premier College of Arts and Science, Vancouver Premier College of Business and Management, and Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management (“Our Colleges”) are separate colleges with distinct programs, policies, instructors, classroom space, scholarships, credit transfer and PTIB, EQA and DLI designation. Students who apply to one of our Colleges for the purposes of earning transfer credit to one of our articulating partner institutions should review the articulation arrangements from their chosen college and program (inclusive of any and all graduation AGPA requirements) to avoid any uncertainty about the student’s intended credit transfer. 

Our goal is Student Success

Our Colleges offer courses and programs in Arts and Sciences, Business and Management, and Hospitality and Hotel Management. They also offers programs in interdisciplinary and general studies which seek to combine theory and practice from multiple academic disciplines or streams. These programs provide multiple lenses and perspectives on human behaviour so are able to enrich and enhance student analyses and understanding well beyond what a single discipline is able to offer or provide. 

Our Colleges enhance student success in its courses and programs through our mandatory instructional education program which provides training and development for instructors to ensure high quality standards of teaching and instruction as well as a quality-oriented educational philosophy. Additionally, our Colleges have established a Learning Resource Center to provide students with the required program learning resources including individualized tutoring that facilitates their learning and academic achievement.