March 2021



Scholarship Presentation

The VPC Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that we awarded 8 scholarships to our students who have achieved academic success in the previous Fall 2020 semester. Congratulations to Sissi (5-star), Stephanie (4-star), Hector (3-star), Steven (3-star), Sen (3-star), Sophia (3-star), Kevin (3-star), and Kazuhiro (3-star). Congratulations to  everyone who qualified and to those who...

2021 VPC Student Committee

In this video we introduce you to our VPC Student Committee members: Elvan, Kevin, Maria. They are here to help organize activities and events for all students. Come join them and gain some amazing experience by meeting new friends and doing new things. ———————————————————– What is the VPC Student Committee? The VPC Student Committee provides...